Please do your little bit to assist the Association to ensure the Safety of Players, Officials and Spectators

Please ensure that playing equipment not in use (for example spare balls, water bottles etc) are not encroaching on the court or run off area.

Seating, Standing, or Equipment (including water bottles) between the retaining walls and the courts is NOT permitted.

Please leave items such as scooters, roller blades, bikes etc at home. 

Pets (even on a leash) are not permitted at the Netball complex during any netball fixtures, carnivals or events (including Training Sessions)

No walking between courts during match play - parents please supervise your children. It may mean a bit more walking to go around - but walking is good for you!

When games are on 7 & 5, and no game is on 6 – the supporters must move to court 6. Only team/match officials are to be on sidelines with minimal baggage.

There will be no sitting or standing between courts.  This area is for the use of umpires.



Mackay Netball Secretary


or President on 0418 252 304